Sunday, November 04, 2012


Hiyaa everyone!

Ages ago I said I would write a Questions+Answers post, but I never got round to actually doing it... So here it is!

Here are some questions I get asked by many different people every day..

Q. Will you be my friend?
A. No, I can't add anymore people, sorry.

Q. Will you be my girlfriend?
A. No, I don't date boys on MSP. If you are one of my really close friends, then maybe!

Q. Can I have a wishy?
A. If I have enough starcoins, and only if you deserve one;D

Q. Where did you get your MSP magazine and how much did it cost?
A. I got my magazine from Tesco for £3.99.

Q. Can I have your magazine code?
A. Noo,there is only one code in each magazine and each code only works once!

Q. How old are you?
A. I don't give away my personal details.

Q. How did you make a blog?
A. I made a blogger account, and then I started posting.

Now here are some ones that I was asked personally...

Q. What do you think about newbies? Do they annoy you or do you like them? - Rachelthepurplecat1
A. Newbies don't really annoy me, but I hate it when they just ask me randomly for a wishy!

Q. What shop do you think the new msp magazine is in? - No name specified
A. I got mine from Tesco x

Q. Hey Lottie, Someone tricked me, I was giving gifts and then this girl Named Xx Isabella Xx 1233
Said if I give her  2 gifts she'll give me a greeting! ( never got one and VERY desperate) But then she said she needed to go the toilet so I was like ok, then her "sister" came online and she went to the shops. I was like arguing with her, then she gave the stuff back.. But she never gave me back a tiara worth 500sc...
I'm fighting to get it back, but its not working. Could youh Please help me? -Blazer Mae Woods
A. Hi, I think that you should contact MSP and report this user. x

Q. Hiyah Lottie! The New Msp Magazine Is Awesome Can You Tell Me When The New One Is Coming Out? It Says On The Mag 5th Of October Or Soming And I've Been Looking In The Shops But No Sign Of It. Thanks A Lot! Reply Back Soon Thanks! Tulip <3
A. I'm sorry, I have been looking for the new magazine but I don't know where/when it is coming out. x

If you have anymore questions, then post them in the comments box and I will reply to them ASAP!
Lottie♥ xox



  1. hi! i have my own blog,but,i don't know how 2 add like how many lovers,or followers, or realy i can't even get my own background like 'keep calm and love klarakiki' wallpaper. plz help!

  2. I don't know how to have the same blog as yours. Can you please help me out?

  3. I don't know how to get members on my blog. Can you please help me? You're the best person on msp and you have a magazine that has a picture if you! :)

  4. Hi my name is short movie 28 on MSP...I don't mind if you don't add me or not but I've got a question... How do you get so many people to visit and comment on your blog? xx Please reply!!! xxxxxxooooooxxx ^

    1. Hi short movie 28,

      I have had this blog for long time, and I have advertised it on status' and forums so people would visit it. It doesn't happen overnight! ;)


  5. do you think the "hacker" anonymous is fake????

  6. Hi!
    Umm well, i dont know what to put in at tesco for the moviestarplanet magazine!
    What did you put in?!
    Plz help, Thx

  7. HI!

    so on msp everyone is asking me can i have a wishy and a greeting so im like ok(im really not but i dont want to give them it)so i give them it and i do that all the time to people on msp and now a have no sc left to-to feed me pets or for clothes and no one gives me anything back (will 2 people did cuz there my bffs)and everyone thats my friend or wants to be always say can i have this can i have that and i left for a long time then i went back on and gess wat people are saying can i have ur account i know wat youll say that contact msp no one wants to be my friend becuase i'm ugly :'(

  8. my user for msp: 20kahlesa
    and are there gift cards for msp?
    where can you find them?

  9. hiya,
    it me on msp I am a d!v@ n I was wondering how did u do this amazing n EPIC
    blog thnx if u answer n u rule by the way

  10. How long have you been playing MSP?

  11. Hi Lottie! I luv ur blog so much. Making banners who wants one? Please checkout my blog at ' and add my MSP: #OFFICIAL!

  12. Hi Lottie just wondering Where in lower hutt can you buy membership cards and magazines? looked all over still can't find one!!! Plz reply

  13. What do you get from a magazine code

  14. What do you get from a magazine code