Friday, November 02, 2012

News Update!


First of all, I would like to say sorry for not being on MSP for ages and not updating this blog; I've been soo busy!
This post is going to be quite long, as I haven't updated this blog in ages!

Commenting/Page Views.
Thanks to everyone who has been commenting on my posts; these comments are flooding in constantly and that's great :)
This blog is getting more and more page views, so keep on visiting for updates!

News Updates On MSP.
When I wasn't visiting MSP for about 2 weeks, lots of things happened.
The MSP staff have obviously worked really hard on everything!

New Loading.

This is the new loading sign, cool or what?! x


*Click To Enlarge*
<< This is the new forums. Do you like it? Post your thoughts in the comments box!

These are all of the sections on the forums.

Sadly the 'Anything' forums have gone..
I miss them so much!

When you click on the section 'Mine' on forums it will come up with a list of all the forums that you have made or commented on. This is handy if you need to go on your forums you have made, now they can't get lost!
If you go on the 'Friends' section on forums it will come up with all of the forums your friends have or commented on.

Personally, I think that the new forums are OK. I'm just annoyed that the 'Anything' section has been replaced with the 'VIP' section..

In case you hadn't noticed, the graphics on MSP have improved :)

The New Diamond VIP.

MSP have brought out a new VIP pack; Space VIP!
Will YOU get it?

(I can't add anymore people, sorry. Also, please stop asking me for the magazine code as it is different in every magazine and each one only works once!)

That's it for now, guys.
If you have any news that I have missed out, then post it in the comments box!

Lottie♥ xoxox


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