Wednesday, August 08, 2012




  1. Hey, My Names Aquamarine..x On MSP..
    I'm Level 6, NonVIP.

    Uuuh, I'm Not Gonna Watch That Video Because..
    I May Sound Like A Baby But..

    I'm Really Scared Of Their Masks...O:

    I Can't Sleep Every Night,
    Coz I'm Like..Pretty Young.
    And It Scares Me, Sorry..

    But Cool Blog! ;') x

    1. SAME! I watched like 10 secs of it then got scared xD


  2. Hey I think that anonymous is real because I've seen a lot of fake anonymous characters on moviestarplanet and i know that some are fake but one time i was on moviestarplanet i was in the cafe chatroom and there were 6 people in there and i saw an anonymous but the weird part was that there was no name under her... i think that those anonymous characters are known as the real ones because most anonymous characters talk but this one didn't.. It seemed very creepy and sometimes when i clicked on her nothing would show up.. weird story.. Please add me on the US Moviestarplanet :) If you are on the uk moviestarplanet can you make an account on the us and add me please! it would be in great honor but if you already in the us moviestarplanet and can't add I'm very sorry i asked i didn't know >.< but if you haunt please make another account in the us moviestarplanet and please try to add me :) my name is -Vanessa<3 thanxx :)

  3. OMG SHES FAKE :') IM SO HAPPY but the video is creepy...i mean 1!disliked it wat if it was anonymous!?jk i think °•°
    P.S IM NOT ANONYMOUS if i was i would stop because i could go to prison :'(

  4. Hello my peeps u guys r crybabys ur scared by that girl/guy my first day on msp i was vip user tyler never go on!it sucks!!!

  5. Don't be mean, that's just who they are. They have flaws and good traits. But every one of us is beautiful, no matter what someone says. I won't watch the video, I get scared easily. And I trust the comments.

    ❤, Jelly

  6. Lol I was about to play the video but it looked pretty weird so I went through the little bar and saw the creepy looking mask thing so I didn't watch XD Call me a chicken but I don't rlly care :)

  7. Why can't they expose this person already? ._.