Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hey MSP;'D

As you may have noticed already, there is a new currancy on MSP called 'Diamonds'.
(I crossed out my money, so that you guys don't ask for gifts -_-)

Only VIPs can get diamonds.
Do you think thats fair?
So now the diamonds come with VIP.

The only thing is, not everyone is rolling in money like MSP think. Not EVERYONE can buy VIP...


Where does it say thank you to the Non-VIPS?! They should be grateful that we play their game...
If there is one more thing for VIPs then I'm quitting for good. Seriously.


  1. Dont quit.
    I know that diamonds aren't fair. I already bought vip and got lots of sc. I DONT want to waste my real money to buy them! I HATE DIAMONDS. o_o
    Yu need to pay with them to buys clothes! D:<
    THATS UNFAIR- I PAID with my OWN MONEY to get more stuff and now I need to pay more? Nope. I hate diamonds.
    I dont have any real money right now. I wasted all my pocket money on vip.

    And Ikr-its not JUST vips, non-vips also help with stuff. And they PLAY THE GAME. But vips pay and keep the site going. Cuz without vips, Msp wouldn't exist.

    They're making more vip stuff because they want more money, I guess.

    And remember, DONT QUIT (;


    1. Naah, I'm not gunna quit again. I'm just annoyed;'D

  2. Yeah, They're saying thanks for the V.I.P's buying V.I.P and starcoins, Do you know why they have V.I.P? Because the moderators are real jobs so they need to be payed with the money and so that's a reason also without the money MSP would be here because they need money to keep the site going because they need the staff and stuff so yeah. ;D

  3. Samanda99 (Swedish MSP)20 August 2012 at 08:22

    Sometimes I really wonder how they think. Diamonds and new smileys, it seems fun, I thought. But wow, we forgot, said support. It's only for VIP! . _. Should it perhaps be renamed VIPstarplanet when they're at?

  4. kmt to vips dey are so selfish and diamonds are gerat give dem to non vips#

  5. i like diamonds, because i give my diamonds out to other ppl, i do diamond ride,and give greets, and when i do diamond ride, i get 1000 sc, so iw ill give that money to non vips, and i am not a selfish vip! stop judging over a title ppl! its really mean. add me im stella187

  6. Msp lies its lied About shutting down, Lied about rare week, Lied about old msp coming back im sick of it!