Saturday, September 08, 2012

Personal Info+Blocking..


So, alot of people this week have been asking for my personal info such as my age, what town I live in, what religion I am... etc.
Let me just get this clear. I DO NOT SHARE PERSONAL INFO.

Now onto blocking..

I will block you if you:

  • Ask for my magazine code. I have used my magazine code and it can only be used once.
  • Be mean to be or one of my friends.
  • Ask me for personal info.
  • Keep on asking me to trade. I do not trade, ok?
  • Asking me for wishies or gifts CONSTANTLY.

That was just to let you know.
Anyway, one more thing..

I can't add anymore people as I'm not VIP anymore.
I DO NOT delete people for you. That's just mean. I delete people if they are mean to me or they do something offensive to me..
I DO NOT add you as a bbff and then delete you so we are friends (if that makes sense). That's just stupid:/

Lottie x


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