Saturday, September 15, 2012

Layla's Blog Banner!

Yeeah, here it is! Sorry for the wait.
Umm just save it and add it to your blog. Hehe x33
Hope ya like it!!x
Lottie xox


  1. could you make me a blog banner plz if you will message me on msp my name is lillylolly2299

  2. Can. You make one of me plz message me my movie star planet. Account is Taylor Swiftie2013 ( no spaces ) thanks. I will really appreciate it. TaylorSwiftie2013 msp account lvl four or five ( just to make sure I might lvl up so yeah )

  3. Would u mind making a banner for me? I have a English account it's.
    $-baby2012 thanks!

  4. yeah im addicted to ur blog i love it please add me im caly430

  5. Add me my user is glittergeez90 she is lvl 3 and has a lot of full out fits and friends with a bunch of VIP friends and pumpchkin and Joanna.pety she is gonna be a vip finally if you play animal jam add me I am a membership account my name on animal jam is: karrsynsmart