Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Shortmovie Debate - Who Will Win?

Ok, So As You Might Already Know, There Has Been A Big 'Debate' About Shortmovies. Smileylucy Is Trying To Stop Them (And A Few Other People), But Other People Have Different Ideas.

Here Is What Some Moviestars Think Of Shortmovies:

Savvieloulou: I Think They're Ok, Because Poor People And Lvl 0's Can Get Fame And Money. Also, I Can't Make A Long Movie Without It Going Wrong.

Oliwia bugno: I Like Them Because Anybody Can Make Them And Basically, They Just Help you With earning Money!

Katredhead: I Like Them Because They Give Me Money And They're Interesting.

So, As You Can See From Above, Lots Of People Have Very Different Opinions.
I Hate Shortmovies. I Don't Hate The People That Make them, Or The Shortmovies Themself. Its The Fact That Fame Can Be Taken So Easily, And How No-One Watches Long Movies Anymore Cuz All They Care About Is Money.
That Is My Opinion.

Put What YOU Think In the Comments Box!

-Lottie ;]


  1. I dont wanna be mean either, but even if yu do ban shortmovies that what means of earning money will you have? Banning shortmovies isn't going to mean that people are suddenly going to start watching yur movies, they're going to be waiting for others to watch THEIRS

  2. Thats just my opinion, im not saying its right or wrong (;

  3. well i like them and i make them but every1 has there opinion and thats mine

    silentsilver xx

  4. Ikr i make brill long movies with great stories in them and nobody watches em. At the start of my account i made about 4 sm's and i got loads for them. Its unfair because usually i spend about an hour making a movie and nobody watches them. Im agreeing with u but u dont have to watch them. Poor people can cos they need money :D

  5. Blazer-Mae: ..... It's all because of you Orange! :(
    Orange: What!?! :-/