Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The New App - What YOU Think Of It

Hi Guys!
Lots Of You Have The New MSP App, Right? Well,I've Been Asking A Few People About What They Think Of It:

Its Cool. I Think You Should Be Able To Change Clothes, Though, And Go On Forums.

Mia Stunwell
Its Good, But Not As Good As The Online Version.

Its Ok, Although I Think You Should Be Able To Change  Clothes And Feed Your Pets.

It Ok, But It Would Be Much Better If There Were Forums And Chatrooms.

Its Great Because You Can Earn Fame For Your Moviestar! I Think You Should Be Able To Download It On All Different Phones, Other Than iPads And iPods.

Little red riding hood <3
I Think Its Good, But It Would Be Better If We Could Do All The Same Things As You Do On The Computer! I Like It Because You Get to Earn Fame For Your Moviestar.

Cookie Lover 1414
I Think Its Poor, Because You Can't Go To Chatrooms. I Think It Should Be More Fun, Like The Computer Version.

Its Cool, Because You Can Play Games That Match. But It Should Be Improved By Being Able To Go On Forums!

Well, I Like It But You Can't Go To The Beach Or Skate Park Chatroom So.. I Don't Really Know!

Its Ok It Could Improve Though Because There Is Only 1 Game.

I Have It- But It Would Be Better If You CouldPlay More Than 1 Game And If You Could Go Into Chatrooms And Look At Forums.

Alanna xD
I Got It, Its Ok But You Should Be Able To Watch Movies On It.

Thats All For Now, Thank You To Everyone Who Gave Their Oppinion. If YOU Want To Say What You Think Of It, Comment Below.

-Lottie x


  1. I Cant Really Say Anything About It To Be Honest! Cause I Havent Got Ipod Ipad Or Anything Like That Tho My Sister Has But She Cant Play It On Hers Cause She Has An Old Iphone :((

    Silentsilver xx
    btw dont u guys think its hard to read the thing about to prove ur not a robot?

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  3. It's not that great. My computer isnt working so I can't get on the Web with it. So I downloaded the app and I can't even change clothes or play all of the different games! Not even close to the Internet Version. Please fix! :)