Monday, April 23, 2012

Ways To Improve MSP.

These are some ideas I came up with that might help improve MSP:

A forum search bar

Don't you just hate it when your forum gets lost? Well, with this there would be a search bar on forums, so that you can just type in a username and all of their forums would come up!

Safe forums

Whenever you make a fourm it has to go through to a moderator first. This means that no one will make nasty forums. The moderators would check if the forum is safe enough to be published.

'Delete Forum' button

A 'Delete Forum' button so that if a moderator or yourself wanted to delete you forum you can. Only the owner of the forum can.

If you have any more good ideas to improve MSP, put your idea in the comment box.
Ps. They don't have to be about forums x


  1. well alot of people say like bad words and it like only blocks em out! and well what if ur mum was sitting beside u and that pops up? what she gonna say what does that mean? and what are u supposed too say? uhh um someone said a bad word

  2. I have an idea we could have phones like that we could send mssges of and stuff and we could buy cses for them that cost sc/dimonds