Friday, April 13, 2012

My Money Making Tips!

Have You Ever Had One Of Those Days, Where No-One Will Watch Your Movies, And You Just Can't Seem To Get Money? Well, Don't Worry! Here Are Some Very Useful Tips To Get Star Coins Easily...

1. Firstly, Go To Someones House Who Has A Lot Of Pets (ShawRe, DiaVanille, Ishacool Ect). Then Click On One Of Their Pets Of Their Pets And 'Pet' Them. This Can Give You Up To 3 Star Coins. If You Pet All Of Then You Will Get Loads Of Star Coins!

2. Advertise Your Movies! You Can Do This On Forums, Like I've Done Above. You Don't Need To Beg, Just Ask Politely!  (This Can Earn You Fame As Well)

Thats It For Now, But If You Have Any More Money Making Tips, Tell Me Through MSP And I'll Put them Up Here!  x

1 comment:

  1. love my room please it wont give u fame but it'll give me fame and u do wanna help dont you
    thanks if u do x. x. x. x.

    Im called crazy124 on moviestarplanet