Monday, April 02, 2012

Im A Celeb Again!

Yay! Im A Celeb Again... I Hope It Doesn't Go, Like Last Time ! :'D


  1. Want to keep your CELEB title .. well i advice u to add as many VIP possible .. 100 VIP players to be CELEB ... but its good to have AT LEAST 200 players VIP because there will always be some ppl who will lose they're VIP status.
    U can check regulary on your "PROFILE" how many vip friends u have and u are like on the edge with only 105 VIP .. well its time to add more :P
    Good Luck.


    1. Thanks, But I Only Have 101 Friends Now And I Can't Add Anyone Else Dx How Annoying! x

  2. Heyy Lottie Add me! I'm Alex5543 VIP and im level 4 almost 5

  3. Aye Lottie :) I'm a big fan! Can you plz add me.
    My vip acc is: lucrezia777
    My non vip acc is: ashley ebriani