Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Chat :')

      Hey Guys! MSP Has Made Another Update!
<<< If You Look, MSP have Added A New Chat Thing.  It Records Every Single One Of Your Chats, So That Even If Your Offline, Your Friends Can Send You Chats! Its Really Cool, And To Get To It Click On 'Messages' At The Top Of Your Screen.

*Click To Enlarge*

If You Look, You Can Carry On Your Chat with your Friends, Even If you log Off. To Chat With A New Friend, All You Have To Do Is Click The + Button! Pretty Simple, Really! Also, If You Click The Mail Button At The Top, You Can Go Back To The Old Mail Screen.
But, This Also Means That Anyone Can Talk To You, So Even If Someones Not Your Friend, They Can Talk To You...


  1. It doesn't work for me. I can't get back 2 the old message screen :(

  2. :O anonymous commented lawlz funny times :'3

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