Saturday, December 03, 2011


OMG Guys! You May Of Already Heard, But ZAN04 Is Officially BACK! If You Search Him He Comes Up As Level 20, But Hes Not On The Highscores List..? Even If You Untick The Box He Isn't There! :O

This Is A Picture Of Him! I Still Can't Believe He Is Back! But Some Bad News As Well.... :/

Iscotty... You May Of Heard Of Him. Well, Of Course You Have! He Was Like The Most Popular Boy On MSP! But.. I Only Just Found Out.. He Has DELETED Himself! :( I Can't Even Find A Picture Of Him. Well, I Didn't Really Know Him, But If Somehow Scotty You Was Reading This, Then I Wanna Just Say.. Bye! x

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