Tuesday, November 01, 2011

*Sigh* .... :(

My Party Was Today, And About 40 People Said They Would Come, But Guess What? No one Rememeberd! I Was Quite Disapointed Actually, But Thank You Rosemandy454 And A Few Others That Came. I Really Wanted To Put Some Pictures On Of The Party, But Looks Like I Can't Now. Oh Well, I'll Just Have To Try Again Wen I'm A Higher Level, I Suppose... :/

Ps. Bad News! VERY Bad!! Even Worse Than The Party Situation! Rosemandy454 Just Mailed Me.... She Said She's Been Hacked! I Don't Think She KNows Who Did It, But Because She Might Quit, Could Everybody Give Her Something? Like A Gift? You Don't Have To, But It Would Be Great If You Gave Her Something, Even If Its Just Something As Little As An Auto. Rosemandy, If You're Reading This,  PLEASE DONT QUIT!!! :(

Well, I Hope Some Good News Comes Up In The Next Few Days... Bye! x

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