Sunday, November 13, 2011

Like It?! ;D

Well, Guess What?! Nows The Chance To Get One Of Your Own! All You Have To Do Is...

1. Add Me.
2. Mail Me Saying That You Want It.
3. Tell Me The People You Want To Be In It.
4. Tell Me What You Want Written Down On It.
5. Wait For Mee Too Finish It!
6. When I've Finished Is (Will Mail You When Done So), Go Onto My Blog And Check Out The Page 'Special Pages' (Will Create It Soon).
7. I Will Put The Fished Copy Onto That Page, Look For Your One, And Then You Can Either Copy And Paste It, Or Save It Onto Your Computer, Your Choice!


1 Wishlist Gift And 1 Auto.
[Or...] 7 Autos (Depending What Level You're On).
Please Can You Mail Mee To Request, And Then Fill Out The Form I Give You, Mail The Form To Mee, And Then You Pay The Price For It (Above), And Then I Will Make It. At The Mpst It Will Take 4 Days.

Thankyouu! Byee xD

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