Friday, October 14, 2011


Yay! One Of My Favourite Time's Of The Year - Halloween! I Was (And Note I Say Was) Going To Dress Up As A Vampire This Year, But Guess What, My Mum Won't Let Me Go Trick-Or-Treating! God, How Boring Can You Get?! Lol xD So Anyway, Since I Can't Dress Up In Real Life This Year, I Have Decided That I Will Dress Up On MSP Instead. Heres A Picture Of What I Want To Look Like:
I Might Not Be Able To Look Exactly Like This, Because Some Of It Is VIP, But I Might Just Get Lucky And My Mum/Dad Will Get Me VIP For Halloween. Doubt It, Though, So Don't Get Too Excited :) Tommorow I'm Going To Alton Towers! Yippee! Oh Yeah, I've Already Said That xD Theres Gunna Be Some Horror Stuff There, Too. So Sorry, Guys. I Might Not Be On MSP At All Tommorow. Aww.... Gtg Now! See You Guys Whenever! Byee xxxx

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